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Accessible River Cruises

Have you always wanted to travel on a Viking River Cruise?  Then you call and find out they are not wheelchair accessible?  How disappointing.  But coming soon to the US, is the new Viking Mississippi with 8 accessible french balconies and one accessible Explorer Suite.  Now you can have the Viking River Cruise experience and feel safe in the United States.  That also means the shore excursions, that are included, are also wheelchair accessible.  This will be new in 2022 and almost all of the sailings are already sold.  Why not look into 2023 and have something to look forward to?  Invite friends and family to sail with you.

As your travel advisor, I am compensated by the cruise line.

I can offer you help with your flights, any pre or post stays and your travel protection.

Please call or email me for more information.

Kristy 603 382 3596
or email

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