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Wheelchair Escapes was created by Kristy Lacroix in 2002. Kristy’s husband, Jerry, is a service connected disabled veteran. He has multiple sclerosis and cannot walk. He has limited use of his left arm and hand. After encountering numerous nightmares on their travels together, Kristy decided that there had to be an easier way for the mobility challenged to travel, so she created Wheelchair Escapes.

Kristy and Jerry have committed themselves to helping others explore the world and do the unthinkable on vacation. With real know-how and a true understanding of your needs, Kristy and Jerry can help open up the world to you. With over twenty one years of wheelchair traveling behind them, you can trust them to help design your hassle free dream adventure!

Certifications – Kristy Lacroix

  • Certified Accessible Travel Specialist

  • Accredited Cruise Counsellor (ACC)

  • Master Cruise Counsellor (MCC)

  • Elite Cruise Counsellor

  • Caribbean Destination Specialist

  • CTA The Travel Institute

  • SNG certified

  • Caribbean Destination Specialist

  • Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Accessible Travel Agent Advisory Board

Awarded one of
“Top 25 Agents”

Travel Agent Magazine 

kristy award 1.jpg

The Publication Travel Agent Recognizes

25 Leading Travel Advisors (August 31, 2009) 


Kristy Lacroix  Wheelchair Escapes  Newton, NH


Plenty of agents have a niche these days, but Lacroix’s was particularly eye-catching. “My specialty is helping the mobility-challenged traveler to be able to travel with dignity and to make sure their special needs are met,” she says.


As such, she spends much of her time researching cruise ships, ports, hotels and vehicles to make certain they’re accessible for her clients. She is a Certified Accessible Travel Specialist and affiliated with SATH (Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality), and has arranged everything from family reunion trips to New York (with accessible vehicles waiting at the airport) to expeditions for swimming with dolphins in Cozumel.

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