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Special Accommodations




We consider many things:


  • Not all ships are equal in accessibility.

  • Some claim to be, but definitely are not.


Special Travel Needs

  • We specialize in mobility needs.

  • We know that one person’ s accessibility can be very different from another’s.

  • The needs of someone who can take even a very few steps is different than someone who cannot take any.

  • We make accessible hotel, car, van and air arrangements too.


Our Experiences Will Help

  • We have sailed over forty times on many different ships and inspected several others.

  • We know that traveling for the first time in a wheelchair can be very intimidating.

  • We can provide you with photos.

  • We have a video of the accessibility you can expect throughout the ship.


Group Cruises

  • If you are still a little timid, we invite you to join one of our many group cruises.

  • Traveling with a group offers another level of security.

  • It’s a great way to meet new friends.

  • Many clients book with us again, wanting to vacation with people they met on an earlier cruise.

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