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Why Travel?


A vacation is a life experience.  It is not just a window of time to escape your everyday reality.


What you do, see and experience on vacation will make up the most vivid memories of your lifetime- the ones you will reflect upon most later.


The best part may be those memories you get to share with loved ones beside you.



A cruise vacation offers something for everyone.  Unpack once and visit different countries.  No worries about the hotel not being right or the food not being right or where will we eat?   The crew is there to serve you every step of the way.  No meal planning.  Come together with friends or family with no preparation.   Activities and entertainment for everyone is provided.  Your accessible cabin awaits you when you need a retreat.



It’s true how the adage goes: “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”



That is why Wheelchair Escapes is here.  We want to help you create those lasting memories.

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